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Swords in War – Part 2: Daggers. And are fencers any good?

Following on from the last post about swords and Sir John Smythe’s instructions on how to use them in combat we’ll turn to his opinion on daggers. In short – the simpler the better. He suggests daggers of nine or … Continue reading

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Swords in War: Part 1 – Swords and the Pike Charge

What often draws us to this art is the idealized view of battles of old. Armour, mud and above all brave heroes fighting with swords. It’s a great image, a powerful image. One that has been passed down in culture … Continue reading

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How to win at Roller Derby

I’ve been involved on the periphery of roller derby for a few years now and I think I’ve figured out the core concepts you need to win a game.  Sure there are a lot of details to take into consideration … Continue reading

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Photos with Coffee … and some talk of artifacting.

I’m old enough that when I was young photos were created by an arcane chemical process that used tiny scrolls of film. Now as much as I would love to say I learnt the ropes using film, I didn’t. Getting … Continue reading

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Faking 1922 Kodachrome.

This morning I was reminded of this wonderful piece of footage a test reel of Kodak’s Two Colour Kodachrome process. Last year I did some experiments in trying to replicate that look and I thought I’d share my results. I’ll … Continue reading

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The first blog post

Whereupon I briefly explain what this blog is about and the key performance indicators which to measure its success by. This is so in a years time we can all look upon the abandoned wasteland of ideas this has become … Continue reading

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